Brazzaville - Fallujah chords

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F#m  D             C#m
 His daddy used to drink
     Bm                     F#m D C#m Bm
 And knock him round the house 
 And tell him he was weak 
 A sorry little mouse 
 Mamma tried to help him 
 But Daddy was too strong 
 And in the morning he was sorry 
 But it never lasted long 

E                      F#m D 
 But thatís all over now 
C#m    Bm               
 Everything is said and done 

 He was skinny for his age 
 He was his motherís only son 

 He went and joined the army 
 To get away from home 
 He thought maybe it would help him 
 Teach him how to be strong 

 But they sent him to Fallujah 
 Where he met a roadside bomb 
 And the last thing that he thought of 
 Was how much heís miss his mom
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