Brazzaville - Magura tab

--------- 2-2----------2-0---0-2-0---0-0--2----2-0----|

Take me to Magura
To while the years away 
The tinkling of the cowbells
And smells of drying hay 
The rainfall in the mountains 
Will wash away my fears 
And all the foolish things 
That I've done throughout the years 
1 grew up in the city Not far from East L.A. 
With rows of dusty palm trees 
And millions of freeways 
Traffic jams and cholos 
And perverts in the park 
And teenage girls who sold 
Their little bodies after dark 
So take me to Magura.... 
I'll plant a little garden 
Take up astronomy 
And search for supernovas 
In neighboring galaxies 
I'll go to bed by midnight 
And wake up with the dawn 
And play my old guitar 
While this sad world rolls along
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