Breahna Dasal - Grab My Hand chords

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     *no capo
whole song in 4/4 time and every chord gets a measure

D                                 A
Quit pushing me, quit pushing me over the edge 
             Em                       G
I'm slipping I'm falling I'm loosing grip on the rock above my head 
        D                             A                            Em
And if everything comes down to love baby why are you making this tough?
On me tell me

D                                A                             Em     G
Grab my hand pull me up I wanna drown in your special kind of love
                         D              A  
wanna leave this place where I love you but you need me 
Em                                    G                      D
I wanna be the reason that smile is on your face so grab my hand

D                                 A                                   Em
I thought that you were fearless I thought that I couldn't scare you away
But I guess you lied 'cause I haven't heard from you today 
D                                A                         Em
I don't know what to do 'cause baby to tell you the truth
I think that I have fallen hard for you


D                           A
Take two steps forward and don't look back 
Em                  G
You and I we can handle that

You grabbed my hand and pulled me up 
A                                            Em          G
And now I'm drowning in your special kind of love 
I'm glad we left that now I love you and you love me
A                                         Em 
I know that I'm the reason that smile is on your face
G                           D
One more thing hold my hand

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