Breakbot - Baby Im Yours chords

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F                        E
I thought I had it all together
But I was led astray
The day you walked away
F                           E
You were the clock that was ticking in my heart
Changed my state of mind
When love's so hard to find

Your feelings changed like the weather
Went from clear to grey
On that cloudy day
How can I go on
Without falling apart?
Love's so hard to find
When someone's on your mind

Listen baby
   Dm             Em       Am
Your wish is my command
            Dm     Em         Am
Baby won't you understand
        Dm     Em         Am
That your wish is my command
   Am               Am7
What can I do to make my baby understand

Something tells me that I'm dreaming
I can see us there
Waving unaware
Of problems that have a tendency to keep
Keep the truth confined
Far from our minds
You need someone you can believe in
This I do declare
Trust me I'll be there
The road that leads to Heaven can be so steep
I will help you climb
Change your state of mind


I can see us there, waving unaware
This I do declare, trust me I'll be there

(youtube video ends here, the full recording goes on a bit. i'm pretty
 certain it's the same chords as for the chorus for the rest of the song)


Follow me into, into my sleep
Baby I'm yours, I'm yours to keep
You've got the magic that entered my heart and my mind


...and there you have it. if you have corrections (and you ought to, by the
 dozen), please email me or post a comment or something. 
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