Breathe Carolina - Can I Take You Home Acoustic tab

Breathe Carolina - Can I Take You Home? (Hidden Track)
Hello Fascination

This short song is found at the end of the song "Tripped And Fell In Portland". It 
serves as an intro to the actual song "Can I Take You Home?".

Tuning: Standard

Here is a link to my cover of this song:

Tabbed by Jake S. (email:

e ------3~--------3-/-5-\-3------------------------10----------|
B ------3~--------3-/-5-\-3---------3~------------10-----------|
G -------------------------------------2~----------------------|
D --------------------------------------------0----------------|      X7
A -------------------------------3-----------------------------|
E --0-------0--------------------------------------------------|

On the seventh repeat, end with a harmonic on the 12th fret on the B and high E strings 
(omit the 10s):

e ----12*----|
B ----12*----|
G -----------|
D -----------|
A -----------|
E -----------|

~ - Let ring
* - Harmonic
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