Brendan Benson - Life In The D chords

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"Life In the D"(Benson)
 From "Lapalco"(2002)


 Intro: Dmaj7 G x2 

    Dmaj7       G              Dmaj7            G
 My life in the D is a tragic comedy, a poetic verse
      Dmaj7       G                Dmaj7
 It's voodoo some say,black magic etouffee
 A dead man's curse

  E        F#m               Am
 It's just like the Egyptian tombs
     E        F#m              A
 Its Tunnels lead me to empty rooms
  G         A           D            Em7 (once)
 Skeptics think it's a doctored photo
 N.C.     A  (g-f#) 
 Of a U.F.O        

  Dmaj7 G X2 (with "ufo")

 You're wasting your breath on life after death
 'Cos I'm almost sure
 If hell does exist,then the Devil's a scientist
 Finding the cure

 It's life microscopic sized
 Unseen by the naked eye
 The answer's encoded with ink
 That's invisible

 Melodica Solo (Dmaj7 G X4)

 When God made the earth and saw his net worth
 He posed for a shot
 And life in the D is what was handed to me
 And that's what I've got

 It's all just a hologram
 Locked in a vault it's a cryptogram
 A lie on the Polygraph test
 It's undetectable
 It's undetectable....

 Although this is obvious if you
 know the song,the "it's life.."
 and "it's all.." verses
 use the E F#m Am etc 
 chord progression.
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