Brendan Benson - Gonowhere chords

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  From "My Old Familiar Friend"(2009)

   Use a Capo on the third fret.

        A                     Dm
  Don't Waste your time on people going nowhere
        A                     Dm
  Make up your own mind,and you're already halfway there
        A       Dm
  Hesitate, or give a second thought
        A              Dm
  And you'll be late, forget what you've been taught

   G                  F            A
  you could have it nice, or complicated
   G                  F                  A
  You could pay full price or you could take it
   G             F             A   D
  You could improvise and be creative
          G            A               F            E
  You've got a lot to give and You've got a life to live

  don't put it off another minute longer
  don't go all soft,you've gotta be stronger
  don't speculate,'cos no one ever knows
  Its up to fate,and you can't predict the way it goes

   G             D/f#    G             D/f#          
  You don't do anything,You won't do anything
   G             D/f#           A             G              F E
  you won't say anything that isn't kind,anything that isn't nice

  Don't Waste your time on people going nowhere
  don't wait in line if you expect to get somewhere
  save you breathe,don't wanna hear your stance
  It's just a guess,and you only have this chance

  Coda:(use chorus progression)

  you could have it all, you can it all,you can
  everything you love, everything you love, everything you love
  you can have it all, you can have it all you can... X2

  Reach out and take it
  you've got so much to give
  and you've got a life to live...(end cold on E)
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