Brendan Benson - On The Fence chords

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"On the Fence"- Brendan Benson and Ashley Monroe

Intro: A

A				                 D
Well I'm afraid that it's true, I'm leavin' you
A			                 	   E
But rest assured, tomorrow I'll be home.
A			                       D
Cuz you know I never could, I never was no good
A                     E                A
Lord knows at bein' on my own.

A		                   D
Never was the type to want to settle down,
A		                                     E
But never had the nerve to ramble on.
      A				             D
So I'm leaving here tonight, but I'll be back before dawn
   	       A                   E		              A
So leave a light on, and keep my supper warm.

Never been a fighter or a lover,
A			                	  E
never thought that either made much sense.
      A			   A7	                 D D7
and I can't decide on this way or the other,
     A                         E              A
So I live my life just sittin on this fence.

A		                      D
and today I feel restless, tomorrow I won't fret this,
A				                      E
There's no tellin' what this boy will do,
A			              D
but baby guarantee, the moment that I'm free,
A		                E		       A
that's when I'll come crawlin' back to you.


    E					                     D		                     A
and I don't know how you can stand it, I don't know why you stay,
       E			                      D		  A
but you know I never planned it, to turn out this way,
    E			                          D		              A
and I would understand it, if you couldn't take any more,
        D				                   E
of my always keeping one foot out the door.

A			                  D
and I want to get married, I want to raise a family,
A			                   E
do like all the other people do,
        A		              A7		              D		     D7
But what self-respecting woman, would ever have me and not stab me,
     A	                            E		       D7	     
When I wanna have my cake and eat it too

Chorus to end

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