Brendon Small - I Am Toki chords

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I AM TOKI - Brendon Small
Standard Tuning (EADGBe)

*I'm probably over-complicating the song, but these are
good, functional chords to use when covering this song.

C       G    Dm Am           
I never me - ts you
              C    Em  Am      
But I think I lo - ves you
            Fm           C
You ams the womans of my dreams

              G    Dm   Am     
Computers techno - lo - gies 
             C   Em  Am
Brought us tog - e - ther
      F              G       C
And I guess that you are the ones for me

     F  C G
I am Toki..
        F    C G
You ams Carolines..
        F       C  G
Ands we mets onlines..
                 F         C G
'Cause I'm gunna make you mine..

Probbly gets married
Probbly has childrens
Probbly lives our lifes togethers
Probbly dies togethers

I am Toki..
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