Brenton Brown - Adoration chords

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 G                     Dsus
We bow our hearts, we lift our hands
    Em7              C
we turn our eyes to you again
    G             Dsus
And we surrender to the truth
        Em7          C
that all we need is found in You

              Gsus  G   Dsus
  Receive our adoration 
           Em7        C
  Jesus Lamb of God
            Gsus   G   Dsus
  Receive our adoration
            Em7          C
  How wonderful you are

We choose to leave it all behind
And turn our eyes towards the prize
The upward call of God in Christ
You have our hearts, Lord take our lives

                 Dsus    D
Every soul You've saved sings out
                  C         G
everything you've made resounds
              Dsus     D
all creation's standing now
           C         G
lifting up your name
We're caught up in the angel's song
                       C      G
We're gathered to your ancient throne
Children in our Father's arms
          C        G
Shouting out your praise
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