Brenton Brown - Everlasting God chords

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    for the intro/verse there is a cool thing that i do with it when you playing G move
to C2 and the G/B then leave your ring and your pinky fingers on but lift up your
pointer and middle finger and play those open. Also if your playing for the church or 
for a group you might want to capo it to the 2fret.

   G                      C2    G/B      Open
  Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord
  We will wait upon the Lord                     (2x)
  We will wait upon the Lord

   G/B C    G/B  C  Em  D
  Our God, You reign forever
  G/B   C    G/B   C  Em    D
  Our hope, our Strong Deliverer

 G                           C
   You are the everlasting God
   The everlasting God

   You do not faint
        C     D     C
   You won't grow weary
  G                             C
   You're the defender of the weak
   You comfort those in need
                       C    D   C
   You lift us up on wings like eagles

 You can repeat how ever you want
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