Brett Dennen - San Francisco chords

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Capo on 1st fret to match recording

Go if you want to go
Go, if you want to go
But I won't follow
Just so you know
Leave, if you want to leave
But I won't be here
When you come home

          C               G
I'm gonna move to San Francisco
C                G
Look up some old friends
          C             G
I'm gonna get me a navy pea coat
       F            C
And an old Mercedes Benz

Bb                  F
This old town keeps shrinking
            Bb                F
There's too many people in my junk
I'm gonna do a lot of drinking
Cause it don't hurt when I'm drunk

Repeat Chorus

          C                 G
I'm gonna rent me an old Victorian
C                 G
Down in the Lower Haight
          C               G
I'm gonna get me an old accordion
                 F                      C
And play for the tourists on the golden gate

          Bb             F
I'm gonna plant a little garden
Bb                F
Paint my bathroom blue
I'm gonna try real hard
To get over you

Bridge 1
C                 G
Here in the city, life it don’t move so slow
C                               G
There's plenty of good people I know
C                            G
Up in north beach they drink spicy Italian liqueur...
C                               D
Down on market there's a lot of hobos and hustlers...

Instrumental Break-Chords same as chorus

Bridge 2
C                               G
Down in Hayes Valley, there's a lot of real good restaurants
C                               G
Deep in the tenderloin, you can have anything you want
C                        G
Over in the mission it's always a sunny day
C                                        D
There’s a real good baseball town but my team is across the bay 

Repeat Chorus

When you come home……
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