Brett Dennen - Little Cosmic Girl chords

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        G       Em      D      C                G Em D C
When youre sleeping, safe from harm
                Em                              A7
What you do dream about when you're in my arms
                                        G    Em  D   C
All through the night the world was spinning
                G Em D C
At the speed of light
                Em              A7
Wars were fought, while I held you tight

        Em                              A7
You fell deep into an untamed sleep
                Em              A7
When the moon begin to creep
And the comets keep their promises
While the constellations weep

                C                    G
Little cosmic girl, isnt it a big world
                C                       Em
Say, dont you worry about the little things
                C               G
Don't let the daylight rob your dreams
                C               G
Little cosmic girl, isnt it a wild world?
           C                    Em
There is love and there is sadness
                C               G
And there are miracles and madness
And we may never understand
No we may never understand

        G         Em    D   C       G Em   D C
We are traveling in a minstrels circus
                Em              A7
In that caravan across the universe
                        G Em D C
All at once our bitter grudges
                G Em D C
Were put to rest
                Em                              A7
Deaths were mourned, while births were blessed
                Em      A7
Are we an accident in time
         Em             A7
Or part of a grand design
                C             D
Press your body close to mine 

[Chorus x2]
Tell me do you believe, my little cosmic girl, in what you cannot see

Do you believe [3x] in what you cannot see, my little cosmic girl
[Repeats to fade out]
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