Brett Younker - Burning In My Soul chords

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Key of B
Capo 4

Verse 1:
         Em7           C
There is power, power
G            Em7             C
Here in this hour, this hour
G           Em7              C
We're all together, together
G               Em7    C    G
Waiting here as once.

(repeat verse 1)

Em7      C                   G
Woah---, hear the sound from Heaven
Em7        C              G
Woah---, a mighty rushing wind
Em7            C           G
Whoa---, we're calling for revival
God, let Your fire fall again
                   Em7    C   G   
It's burning in my soul------,
              Em7      C   G
Burning in my soul------.

Verse 2:
         Em7                     C
All your sons and your daughters
G            Em7                     C
Dreaming the dreams of their fathers
G          Em7                    C
Seeing the signs and the wonders
    G           Em7    C   G
The Kingdom of God.

  Dsus4                  C       G
I cannot contain it this fire inside
  Dsus4                C        G
I cannot contain it so let it shine
  Dsus4                  C
I cannot contain it this light of mine
It's burning in my soul.
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