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Brett Younker - Burning In My Soul tab

Tabbed by Tadd Steffner.
Song is in the key of B
enjoy, feedback is nice :)

Into. (goes through the first verse)

   Em                       C            G
D|----2---2-------2---2--------2---2-------2---2---| X10

Verse 1

There is power, power
Here in this hour, this hour   X2
We're all together, together   
Waiting here as one


Em      C                   G
Whoooa, hear the sound from heaven
Em      C                G
Whoooa, a mighty rushing wind
Em      C                 G
Whoooa, we're calling for revival
God let your fire fall again.

|----silence-----| Em  C   G                Em  C   G
It's burning in my sooooooul, Burning in my soooooooul (silence only once)

Verse 2 (back to tab)
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