Brian Eno - Driving Me Backwards chords

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                DRIVING ME BACKWARDS - Brian Eno

Band: Brian Eno
Song: Driving Me Backwards
Album: Here Comes the Warm Jets (1974)

Tabbed by: crimson-dync
Tuning: Standard

[ch]G#/B[/ch]  [ch]Cm/B[/ch]  Am5-/B  [ch]G#/B[/ch]

Same pattern all over. Each chord is played like this:


--INTRO (x2)--

Ohh Ohh
Doo doo doo, I'll be there

Oh drivin' me backwards
Kids like me, gotta be crazy

Movin' me forwards
You must think that I'm lazy

Meet my relations
All of them grinnin' like face packs

Such sweet inspirations
Curl me up, a flag in an icecap

Now I've found a sweetheart
Treats me good, just like an armchair

--SOLO GUITAR (x5)--

I try to think about nothing
Difficult, I'm most temperamental

I gave up my good living
Typical, I'm almost sentimental

Ah, Luana's black reptiles
Sliding around, make chemical choices

And she responds as expected
To the only sound, hysterical voices

And you're, you're drivin' me backwards
Kids like me have gotta be crazy

Doo doo doo
Doo doo doo, I'll be there

Doo doo doo, I'll be there




[ch]G#/B[/ch]   x2111x
[ch]Cm/B[/ch]   x2101x
Am5-/B x2121x


Buenos Aires. February, 2014.
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