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Brian Jonestown Massacre - Arkansas tab

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Arkansas Revisited
E                       A E		  A
Im going back to Arkansas.
Gotta kill my Maw and Paw
Im gonena kill my Mom and Dad
Because they made my life so sad
I run so fast all night and day
They haunt my soul in evil ways
I dont care what the law might do
Hope your folks are good to you

E                              A E		  A
I stole my neighbors pickup truck
And took his daughter for good luck
I spend all my dough on a gun
Liquored up to have some fun
I drink all night and I feel real fine
Cause I rollin past that old state line
Drivein round all night and day
Just to show hey on his way

E                               A E		  A
I pull on down the streets of town
d love to burn the fucker down
And down the road all the way
Drove right past my brother Hey
Im running up the law at night
They can see me theres no light
Jamb in the door and then I say
Brace yourself for judgment day

E                    A E		  A
Going back to Arkansas
Buryin my Maw and Paw
And then Im goin far away
For where Im going I wont say
Cause I dont know just where Ill run
I guess Ill follow hells son
Maybe north of Mexico
For I aint sayin where Ill go
I had to kill my Mow and Dad
Because they beat me up real bad
My Daddy beat me every day
For what I done he wouldnt say
Leather strap across my back
Watch my eyes all rollin back
(This all the same verse as the other page)
E                           A E		  A
And so I killed my Maw and Paw
I killed them both in Arkansas
You gone get so damn made
Because I killed my Maw and Dad
And now Im running night and day
For where Im going I wont say
Just me and the girl and the stolen truck
Ahh wee get umm so tehh mehh whahhh.
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