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Bridge - Lasting Hymn chords

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Lasting Hymn - The Bridge 
Standard tuning - Capo 2nd - Strum like the recording

Verse 1

G        C              G    G
same old story came and went
G                      C                      G             G
gone like the words it wasted, and told as the time it spent
         C                   C                    Em             Em
like the ones passing by all forgotten for why or what they meant
       D                     C                    G 
just a blank page that still remains, and a lasting hymn

   C  G  G    

Verse 2

G           C                  G     G
gone, she's gone, her wind has blown
G                     C                          G       G
further away from the winters that made her feel so alone
     C                   C                    Em              Em
and all she remembers of distant Decembers chilled to the bone 
         D                       C
can just fade like the old false loves 
                C                   C    Em      Am  
for she hears a tune calling like a holy morning song


       G  C          G  C          G  C        D  C   
say my peace, say my glory, say my love say my song

       G  C          G  C          G  C         D    C
say my peace, say my glory, say my love said my so o nnng


Verse 3

G        C                       G
where oh where did your songbird fly
G                   C                        G
effortlessly on the seven great seas and the wailing sky
       C                                  Em
is she sleeping or alone and weeping and wondering why
            D                     C    C   Em  Am  D
through the silence a song can be born and survive 

Verse 4

but somehwere she hears that sweet reprise
calling like a long lost love with sleep upon his weary eyes
and complete disregard for the longwinded hardships and gone goodbyes
for the love that remains is clear as that lasting hymn
singin like a holy morning song



Em D                     G
   just like the morning bells tolling
        Em   D                      Em
and the dreams that were restlesssly stolen
        Bm          C
and the light still shining
       Em                     D
on the souls that were broken before 
and a voice is calling
D          G      C             G
calling them home, calling them home

Verse 5

after all the tides have tamed
silences broken and the stories half spoken but yet unnamed
i'll be painfully sure of the ones that endure and are unashamed
as the breath of a lasting hymn so soft and true and mercifully
calling back again 

Chorus Jam (finger pickin' good)


Great tune  ... enjoy ...

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