Bright Eyes - Reinvent The Wheel chords

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   A                 D        E                 A
My friend you were a model, a priceless work of art.
           A             D               E
Boys would fashion their emotions to the pattern of you heart.
      A                    D            E                  A
And I heard you wrote that record for a girl you loved but died.
         A                D           E
I'm here sewing mine, together, just hoping you're alive.
      D                   E                  A                  E
And I know you'll never come back now to the world where people are.
           A     E     D
'Cause you never understood what they loved you for.

A E D...(you can do the harmonica part with your pinky).

Now ghosts they have their secrets, and they'll tell them to a few.
So you can never pay attention, when they're whispering to you.
There were many talents you possessed that I wished myself to have.
But the way your eyes would gloss over, well I never envied that.
And I doubt you'll ever come back now from wherever it is you are.
'Cause you never understood what we loved you for.

A E D...

I'm sure the T.V. sets will tell us when someone reinvents the wheel.
Till then I'll have a million conversations about shit that isn't real.
But I'll try to breathe in meaning dig deep through every gasp of air.
Cause I know you did the same thing for as long as you can bear.
I guess everything just circles 'round to where it was before.
So I hope I'll see you soon in some other form.

A E D...
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