Bright Eyes - An Attempt To Tip The Scales chords

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        D               F#m
Did you expect it all to stop
        G            A
at the wave of your hand?
          D              F#m
Like the suns just gonna drop
          G         A
if it's night you demand.
       D                   F#m
Well, in the dark were just air  
      G                 A     
so the house might dissolve.
           D                  F#m            
once were gone, whos is gonna care
            G          A    
if we were ever here at all?
Well, summers gonna come
             A               F#m
it's gonna cloud our eyes again.

no need to focus
            G                  A
when theres nothing thats worth seeing.
       D                   F#m
So we trade liquor for blood
      G                 A  
in an attempt to tip the scales.
           D               F#m
I think you lost what you loved
         G         A   
in that mess of details. 
They seemed so important at the time
but now you can't even recall
any names, faces, or lines.
          G                D2(5577)
Its more the feeling of it all.
Well, winter is going to end and
          A                    F#m      
I'm gonna clean these veins again.
So close to dying that I finally can
start living.

**Thank you T-reble for chords** These are the chords updated with the actual words Conor sings.
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