Bright Eyes - Feb 15th chords

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D     - xx0232
Bm9   - x2022x
D/F#  - 2xx23x
Gm7   - 3xx33x
A7    - x02x2x
G     - 320033

intro: D - Bm9 - D/F# - Gm7

D               Bm9   
All eyes on the calendar
D/F#                     Gm7   
Another year I claim of total indifference
D                 Bm9
To here, the days pile up
     D/F#                      Gm7
With decisions to be made, I'm sure all of them were wrong
D               Bm9
Into this song I send myself
    D/F#                Gm7
And with these drinks I plan to collapse
    D                        Bm9                     D/F#
And forget this wasted year, these wasted years
Devoted friends, they disappear
   A                    G               A
And I'm sorry about the phone call and needing you
                        Gm7            A
Some decisions you don't make
                        G                     A
I guess it's just like breathing or not wanting to
There are some things you can't fake

D - Bm9 - D/F# - Gm7

D                  Bm9
I guess that it's typical
   D/F#                    Gm7
To cling to memories you'll never get back again
D                      Bm9
And to sort through old photographs
     D/F#                 Gm7
Of a summer long ago or a friend that you used to know
And there below
His frozen face
    D/F#                    Gm7
You wrote the name and that ancient date, that ancient date
   D                Bm9                 D/F#
And you can't believe that he's really gone
When all that's left is a fucking song and
A                   G               A
I'm sorry about the phone call; and waking you.
I know that it is late,
A                  G                       A
But thank you for talking, because I needed to.
Some things just can't wait.

    D           A         D      A     G
yea some things just cant wait 
    D           A         D      A     G
yea some things just cant wait 
    D           A         D      A     G
yea some things just cant wait
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