Bright Eyes - Oh You Are The Roots That Sleep Beneath My Feet And Hold The Earth In Place chords

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The version that was already up here had the interlude all wrong 
and a lot of the chords were misplaced throughout the song. 
This one should be more accurate. Enjoy!

   D                  Bm
I met you through a common friend
          G         D
in the attic of my parent's house
         D                    Bm 
and though I didn't know it then
   G               A 
I soon was finding out
             Bm                 G
you are the roots that sleep beneath my feet 
     D                 A
and hold the earth in place
each time a faucet opens
words are spoken
    D           A
the water runs away 
and I hear your name
no, nothing has changed 

D Bm G D

D                     Bm
there was this book I read and loved
      G            D
the story of a ship
        D                   Bm
who sailed around the world and found
      G                A
that nothing else exists
beyond his own two sails
and wooden shell 
    D                A
and what is held within
all else is sure to pass
we clutch and grasp
     D                   A
and debate what's truly permanent
but when the wind starts to shift
there's no argument

   D                 A 
I sing and drink and sleep on floors
     Bm       G              
and try hard not to be annoyed
    F#              Bm            A
by all these people worrying about me
  D                                A  
so when I'm suffering through some awful drive
       D         G
you occasionally cross my mind
         D               Bm            A
it's my hidden hope that you are still among them

well are you?

                D                   G
Oh, you are the roots that sleep beneath my feet 
      D                   A
and hold the earth in place
each time a curtain opens
sunlight pours in
    D            A
a lifetime melts away
and we share a name
on some picturesque grave
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