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Bright Eyes - Messenger Birds Song tab

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Bright Eyes - Messenger Bird's Song
From the "There Is No Beggining To The Story" EP

This song is in standard tuning with a capo
on the second fret. All chords are relative to the capo.

Verse:   "The kitchen is cold..."
         C - F - C
         C - F 
         G - Am
         C - F - C

Brige:   "And I know there's words that..."
         G - Am
         G - Am - Am7/B 

Chorus:  "So just nod your head..."
         Am - D7 - G - C
         Am - D7 - G - C
         D - G

Coda:    "So please, dont leave me waiting"
         D - G

Am7/B = e - x
        A - 2
        D - 0
        G - 0
        B - 1
        E - 0
Song Flow: verse  x4
           bridge x1
           chorus x1
           verse  x4
           bridge x1
           chorus x2 
           coda   x1

Thats it. Have fun.
tabbed by schmojay
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