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Bright Eyes - Napoleons Hat Chords tab

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			    Napoleon's Hat - Bright eyes
Tabbed by: Yoshima

Tuning: standard
Capo: 4th

With a capo on the 4th fret use these chords....

      F#m11      E          Dadd2         A          Dm         F#m

(Not sure if the chord names are right)

Intro:  F#m11   E   F#m11  E

F#m11                                                    E
The barons of industry put inspiration on Hitlerís tongue

 F#m11                                                           E
The next century crashed hard with a loud sound like a starting gun

      F#m11                         E
Itís race for acquisition and to make more things that glow

         F#m11                          E
I got a knack for dodging bullets and flying zeros

     Dadd2          E             Dadd2             E
So I act like I am rich, try and make it my whole look

             A    E     Dm
Cause poor people donít exist when times are good

then;  F#m  E  F#m  E

F#m11                                                 E
Mozartís foster parents put cigarettes out in his ears

             F#m11                                                         E
When he got old enough to stutter he said I donít listen but I-I-I can hear

    F#m11                           E 
The eloquence of traffic, yeah the milk ponds sad lament 

       F#m11                     E           
Itís a requiem of moments I keep living through them

                Dadd2           E                        Dadd2             E
But whereís the monster in the closet? I canít find the hangman inside his hood

        A    E   Dm
I guess evil donít exist when times are good

Then;  F#m11  E  F#m11  E

Repeat chords as above for other verses then for ending.....

     Dadd2           E            Dadd2      E
And strive for understanding over being understood 

            A       E      Dm                        A
Just donít let yourself forget when the times get good

When the times get good,

When the times get good,

When the times get good,

When the times get good,

then finish on:  E  A  Dm ...  A
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