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Brighten - Ready When You Are tab

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Iím almost positive this is NOT 100% correct but it gets the job done and is fun to play 
an acoustic (I donít know the names of some of these chords but they sound pretty good 
the song) You should get a feel for it once you mess around for a few minutes.

Artist: Brighten
Song: Ready When You Are
Album: Ready When You Are EP

Tuning low to high: D A D G B E (Capo on third fret!!!)

   Cadd9  G    A  Em7/G    D1     D2

Cadd9                     G         D
You said it to me once or twice tonight
Ill be the first to call your name
Cadd9   G           D
If I       die tonight,
I want your name written on my grave
Cadd9  G             D
Just      go, let it go
you know now itís not a race
Cadd9   G                 D
But    donít let me know

Cadd9                     G
Iím ready when you are (take me home)
D                   Em7/G(?)
You know I shouldnít be alone
Cadd9      D1                             D2    
 Cadd9  D1
Tell me whether Iím right but tell it to my face tonight

VERSE (Same as above. Just listen along for timing)
With everything I do
Everything I say to you
How can you put up with me?
And I shouldnít do half the things I donít want you to see
And I shouldnít be here alone tonight
So just bring me home alright
So I can see you

CHORUS (Same as above just listen along for timing)
Iím ready when you are (take me home)
You know I shouldnít be alone
Tell me whether Iím right tell it to my face tonight

If I messed up sorry but its moreorless all there in one way or another. This is my 
one ever posted.
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