Bring Me The Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart tab

(tabbed by @sheeransdearest on twitter)

Okay so basically this is the intro I play. I'm pretty sure it's right but the last e 
doesn't have to be correct. I played it by ear on the piano and tried to tab it, so please 
don't be angry with me if it's wrong.

e |----------------------------------------------------|
H |-0--0--0--3-1--0--0--0-3-1--0--0--0--3-1--0--0--0---|
G |----------------------------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------------------------2-|
A |----------------------------------------------------|
E |----------------------------------------------------|

You can play it either twice ooor you can do it like me. I just leave the first h out 
and strum the cords.

e |-C------------Am-------------Em-------------G--------|
H |-C--0--0--3-1-Am--0--0--3-1--Em--0--0-3-1---G--0--0--|
G |-C------------Am-------------Em-------------G--------|
D |-C------------Am-------------Em-------------G------2-|
A |-C------------Am-------------Em-------------G--------|
E |-C------------Am-------------Em-------------G--------|

The cords for the rest of the song are C Am Em G.
You can continue strumming, D D D DU would be a really easy pattern and is the same 
rythm as the intro picking, but you can do whatever pattern you like. When there's no 
singing, you can also play the inro picking, I think it sounds pretty rad.

I really hope I could help you with this :) Keep going and btw you rock bc bmth okay
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