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Bring Me The Horizon - Hospital For Souls Acoustic tab

                             Hospital For Souls Acoustic - Bring Me the Horizon
Tabbed by: joanofarch

Tuning: standard

Capo on 3

Hi! This is my first tab. I looked for easy, acoustic tabs/videos for this song and did
not see any. It will not be exactly like the song (obviously). I made this tab to look
pretty simple. I hope it is clear enough. If you have any suggestions to make it better, 
let me know!

Chords: G#5, F, Dm, Em

:39 to 1:05


1:06 to 1:34

Play the chords very fast strumming down. Listen to the song to know when the chords change.

       G#5               F                Dm              Em
e|-0-----------  e|-0-----------  e|-4-----------  e|-0-----------|
B|-0-----------  B|-4-----------  B|-6-----------  B|-0-----------|
G|-5-----------  G|-5-----------  G|-5-----------  G|-0-----------|
D|-5-----------  D|-6-----------  D|-0-----------  D|-5-----------|
A|-0-----------  A|-0-----------  A|-x-----------  A|-5-----------|
E|-0-----------  E|-x-----------  E|-x-----------  E|-x-----------|

1:35 to 2:16

Strumming: down, down, down, up, down, down, down slowly and quietly.
Change chords when done with the strumming pattern

2:17 to 2:44

Same strumming, but a little louder

2:45 to 3:11

Very fast strumming, down

3:12 to 5:35

Back to old strumming ddduddd

5:39 to 6:37

Very fast strumming downward. Let the last strum ring out at the end of the song.
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