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Britney Spears - Shadow chords

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So the other chords are completely wrong. Here's something a little more accurate. 
The bridge was a little tricky (I play F#, but if anyone has a better suggestion 
let me know), but here's the general gist.

Fm Db x2

Fm Fm Db Eb x4

Eb Db x2

Chorus 1 (for 1st, 2nd and 4th Choruses)
Ab Eb Fm Db x 2

(REPEAT for 2nd Verse/Chorus)

Eb Db
How can I tell if you mean what you say

Eb Db
You say it so loud but you sound far away

F# Fm
Maybe I had just a glimpse of your soul

Ab Db Eb
Was that your shadow I saw on the wall?

Eb Db x 2

Chorus 2 (Just the chorus after the bridge)
Fm Eb Fm Db

Chorus 1 (Return to original chorus)
Ab Eb Fm Db
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