Broken Bells - The Ghost Inside chords

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Broken Bells
The Ghost Inside Chords

Verse 1:
Em	         G           D         A  
She sold her love to a modern man
Em	         G                D             A  
Cause solid currency's the hardest to love
Em	         G                  D             A  
All other modern hels you cover your eye
Em	         G             D                A  
Don't let the lady finger blow in your hat  Di Di-da

Em      G  	     D      A    
Feel like a daughter
Em      G  	     D      A    
She's a     star tonight
Em      G         D      A    
Without warning  She gave up
Em         G  	        D   A    
The ghost inside

Verse 2:
Just like a whiskey bottle drained on the floor
She got no future, just a love to endure
This gives some matter to shaking her hide
'Too late to leave him' are the songs in her car  Di-di-da


Verse 3:
They call it chivalry 
Never pull a punch for free
You ever wonder what it had to move on
This phony article
That put you on the floor
A double standard 
Here we look when we walk


Em p.m. (or just drum beat)
Was it all for show?
Am               D
To turn into all of them
Turning a page
Trust me darlin' 
D                                           Em
I'm carving 'em up through the dust in your town
Am	           D                 Em                       
Crawling over rubble just to sound me out
Am                             D
Tend to wonder why?

Em    G     D     A    x4
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