Brokencyde - Taking Life From Me tab

E------1--------1--- ------0--------0-- Play--| 2x
B-----3-3------3-3-- -----0-0------0-0--------|
G----2---2----2---2- ----0---0----0---0-------|
D---0--------0------ ---2--------2------------|
A--0--------0------- --0--------0-------------|
D-0--------0-------- -2--------2--------------|

For the Verse Its just the Chords over and over:
E-1-     E-3-  E-5-|
B-3-     B-3-  B-5-|
G-2-     G-0-  G-0-|
D-0-     D-0-  D-0-|
A-0-     A-0-  A-0-|
D-0-     D-5-  D-7-|
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