Bromheads Jacket - Trip To The Golden Arches tab

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Bromheads Jaket - Trip To The Golden Arches
Tabbed by pierre-yves thevenet, suggestions, comments, insults, death threats @ this

Intro - A G (D C) x3 C# C 
e -------------------------------------|
B -------------------------------------|
G -------------------------------------|
D -7-----5-5-5-------------------------|
A -7-5-7-------7-5-4-4-4-4-4-4-3-3-3---|
E -5-----------------------------------|

(all power chords)
all G on the 10th fret
all E on the 7th fret

Verse	- A G C# C x4 C# C
Chorus	- A C# F# E
     	  A C# F# E A
Bridge	- A

Cos all the cars are slowing up
And now the lights are going red
And all these stupid little thoughts
start swimming through my head
The girl in front's doing her lippy in the mirror there
C# C
A wide boy cruises up and he stops just to have a stare
Meanwhile the girl behind him's had enough and starts to beep
C# C
Sticks her finger out the window and starts shouting things
On the other side of the road two cars have had a prang
And in the middle of all this
I'm just trying to stay calm

C# C

A C#
Cos who'd have thought you could have so much fun
Staring at two red lights
Wishing that you had a gun
A C#
Oh it wasn't supposed to turn out like this
I only popped out for a banana milkshake
And a supersized pack of chips
It wasn't supposed to turn out like this

A G D C x2

Cos now my back's really starting to ache
Yeah my eyes are getting heavy and I can't stay awake
The DJ on the radio's really starting to vex me
And if nobhead gets any closer then he's gonna scratch me
Cos I can feel the pressure rising, like that film, falling down
The light's are green brainchild, what you waiting for?
Cruising around in your X5 Jeep with your 20" rims
And your cream leather seats
With your starbucks in one hand and your 6310 in the other
Whats your problem, you stupid mother?

C# C


e -----------------|----------|----------|
B --------8-8-8----|----------|----------|
G -------------9-7-|----------|--8~-7~---|
D -7---------------|--x3 then-|----------|
A -7---------------|----------|----------|
E -5-x8------------|----------|----------|

Cos now my blood pressures up and my eyes have gone red
I've got rage on the brain, I need to get myself set
There's a policeman on the corner I think he's seen me on the phone
What's that? 3 points, 60 quid! I should have stayed at home

[Chorus] (played slowly with full chords at the top of the neck, i.e: A C#m F#m E and D)

End on A
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