Brooke Fraser - Orphans Kingdoms chords

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This is a corrected version of what someone already posted.

C:  x00230
G:  x02230
Am: x20230
F:  3x0033

G  Am  F  C (x2)

In me, in you
Orphans, kingdoms
                      Am   G
Wide eyes and paper crowns
Time will hold us,
Time erodes us
                         Am    G
We're wrinkling children now


       F       C             G           Am
We are wan-der-ing where the wild wind blows
        F      C              G           Am
We are happy here 'cause the wild wind knows
F (single strum)
What we are
F (single strum)
Orphans, kingdoms


In me, in you
Friends, explorers
C                     Am  G
Babes with coats of arms
A world inside us
A feast,A harvest
C                  Am    G
Each soul a son, a star


(Intro) x4

G         Am         F          C
Eat and drink, for tomorrow we die
G         Am         F          C
We will look our maker in the eye
G         Am             F           C
Raise a flagon and drink to your health
G      Am            F       C
Who is he that can conquer himself?


(Intro) x1

im pretty sure that these chords are accurate :)

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