Brooks And Dunn - Honky Tonk Truth chords

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Honky Tonk Truth    Brooks & Dunn

B                                                    F#
I'm the life of the party, baby, since you said good-bye
F#                                           B
Just ask old Joe, He knows, I'm here every night
B                                                      F#
And that good old boy in the mirror looking around for you
It ain't me
F#                          B
And that's the honky tonk truth.

B                 Bb   G#
That's the honky tonk truth cross my broken heart
G          F#                                            B
I put my right hand here on this beer And swear on this bar
Bb OPEN   G#
I ain't thinking, I ain't drinking, I ain't crying
                     C#   C B  n.C.              F#
ain't moaning the blues      I wouldn't lie to you
Now that's the honky tonk truth


B                                                  F#
Don't think I'll come crawling back cause I don't miss you
If you walked up and puckered up, girl
I wouldn't bother to kiss you
And that washed up, broken down fool
Hanging out on that stool Well it ain't me
Now that's the honky tonk truth.
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