Brooks And Dunn - Youll Always Be Loved By Me chords

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Verse 1:
C                    G                     F               G7
I know forever is a long long time, for a girl to put her heart on the line

C                     G                         F
Trust is a tightrope, we all have to walk, baby don't be afraid, I won't let 
you fall.

F                    Em7              Dm7         G             G7
with a little faith, mountains move, you and me, we can't lose.


        C            Am                   F             E7
You can count on the sun to rise, and the stars to come out at night
     F                     G               F         G7       C
As long as there's air to breathe, You'll always be loved by me.

Verse 2:

Love comes, so many times goes, so much out there, we'll never know

Call it faith, call it destiny, I think, We were meant to be.

This old world, it spins so fast, so many things, they just don't last

--> Chorus
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