Brooks And Dunn - Youre My Angel chords

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Intro A
A                     D                            A
You're my angel, you see me through.
E                                        A
Believe in me, I believe in you.
D                                                    A    F#m
Oh, fill my heart from, you're loving well.
                D  E  A
You're my Angel.

A                        D                    A
Pick me up when, I'm feeling down.
A          E                            A
When I stumble, on shaky ground.
A                    D                              A   F#m
Oh, you're my answer, when I can't tell.
A              D  E  A
You're my Angel.

G          Bm                F#m     A
Oh you take me up to heaven.
D                                         E
When you spread your loving wings.

A                        D                   A
When I am weary, and way behind.
A                E                        A
When I am clearly, out of my mind.
A               D                        A     F#m
Oh, when I find I'm in my own hell.
               D  E  A      F#m
You're my angel.
                      D  E  A
Oh, you're my angel
Outro: A Asus A Asus A

Note: If you want to, you can leave out the Asus note on the outro. It's just
matches the Piano's pattern.. 
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