Brother - Time Machine chords

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Brother - Time Machine

tuning: standard

verse riff:

A ---------2-0-----|
E -3-5-3-0-----3-0-|

obviously there's a bit of hammering-on/pulling-off going on with the first 4 notes...

other guitar does an Em at 12th fret every now and then:

e --s12-
b --s12-
g --s12-
d ------

"haaaaiiil everybody, i got nothing left to lose":

A5, B5, back to riff

A5, B5, then


E               G6                         Asus2
love, love is a time machine bringing you back to me,
from out of the blue

the A5 B5 bit doesn't sound too bad played as A7 B7, but i'm not sure, really, and you 
can't go wrong with using powerchords here instead...


A5:   577xxx
B5:   799xxx

E:    022100
G6:   3x0000
Asus2 x02200
C7:   x32310
C6:   x3x210

A7:   x02020
B7:   x21202 or x24242
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