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Bruce Springsteen - Fire tab

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FIRE (Bruce Springsteen)

I'm driving in my

car                I turn on the radio                       I'm pullin

close                  You just say  no                      You say you

like it   ->But girl I know you're a liar                    And when we


kiss               hmm             Fire

Well late at night

night                 I'm taking you home                    I say I wanna

stay          ->You say you wanna be alone                   You say you
love me ->But you can't hide your desire                 And when we

 C                 D                 G

kiss               hmm             Fire

You had a

C (332010)       G (320003)            D (x00232)            G (320003)
hold on me right from the start It's a grip so tight I wanna tear it apart

   C (332010)                G (320003)        am (002210)
My nerves all jumping acting like a fool Your kisses they burn but your

D (x00232) am7 (002010) D7 (x00212)
heart      stays        cool

Romeo and julliet
et                 Samson and     Delilah              Baby we can
bed       ->Their love they didn't deny                   Your words say
split            But your words they lie                     And when we

kiss               hmm               Fire
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