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Bruce Springsteen - Trouble In Paradise chords

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Trouble In Paradise - Bruce Springsteen

 You do the drying, I'll do the dishes
                     F#m                 E
Who'll do the crying when all the wishes don't come true
You do the washing, I'll do the folding
                             F#m                    E
Whose heart is breaking when whose arms are holding someone new
Sittin' on a peaceful lake sunnin'
Didn't hear the roar of the waterfall coming
          Bm              E
When it's all a storybook story
          Bm              E
When it's all so easy and nice
Here comes trouble in paradise 

You did the dusting, I did the sweeping
                             F#m                E
You did the driving oh and I did the sleeping a little too long
On a picnic 'neath the sky so blue
We didn't see the rain and heartache coming through
          Bm                         E
When it's all an old black and white movie
           Bm                          E
And you're sure you've seen the ending twice
                      A        D
Here comes trouble in paradise 

You said everything was fine
I'm sorry, baby, I didn't see the signs 

Oh so beautifully you read your lines
         C#m                        D
But in a play where the hero has no vice
    C#m                  D
And love comes without a price
So does trouble in paradise 

Don't matter who did the dusting or who did the sweeping
                        F#m                       E
Who did the trusting or who did the cheating when it's all gone
Laying in a field on a summer's day 
Waitin' for those gray skies to clear away
        Bm                   E
Knowing all love's glory and beauty 
    Bm                      E
Can vanish before you think twice
Leaving trouble in paradise 

Now we share the laughing, we share the joking
                      F#m          E    A
Oh we do the sleeping with one eye open 

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