Bruce Springsteen - Janey Dont You Lose Heart chords

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Janey Don't You Lose Heart - Bruce Springsteen
from the Album 18 Tracks

Intro: A E A E B

Verse 1
E                           A
You got your book baby with all your fears
E                        C#m
Let me, honey, and I'll catch your tears
A                             B
I'll take your sorrow if you want me to
A                      B
Come tomorrow that's what I'll do
Listen to me

Janey don't you lose heart
Janey don't you lose heart
Janey don't you lose heart
E                B
Janey don't you lose heart

Verse 2:
E            A
Well you say you got no new dreams to touch
E     C#m
You feel like a stranger babe who knows too much
A          B
Well you come home late and get undressed
A     B
You lie in bed, feel this emptiness
Well listen to me


Sax Solo  Chords like in the Verse

E             A
'Til every river baby it runs dry
E        C#m
Until the sun honey's torn from the sky
A          B
'Til every fear you've felt burst free
A     B
Itís gone tumblin' down into the sea
Listen to me


E   022100
A   577655
B   799877
C#m x46654
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