Bruce Springsteen - Summertime Blues chords

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This is something like springsteen's version.

intro: drums

guitar solo
I'm a gonna raise a fuss I'm a gonna raise a holler G G G C D D D G
About workin all summer just to try to earn a dollar G G G C D D D G

Pre-chorus 1:
C                                              G            N.C
Every time I call my baby,to try to get a date,The Boss says"No dice

son,you gotta work late,".


C                                             G     N.C
Sometimes I wonder,what I'm gonna do but there aint no cure for the

Summertime Blues

G G G C D D D G 4x

In The second and third verse everything is the same except you play a G on the first 
of the verse.

moma papa told me "son you gotta make some money,(riff)if you wanna use the car to go 
on sunday.

pre-chorus 2:
well I didn't go to work,told the boss I was sick(now ya can't take the car cuz ya 
work lick)


G G G C,D D D G ( 4x)

piano solo

I'm gonna take 3 weeks gonna have a fun vacation (riff),gonna take my problems to the 

pre-chorus 3: I told my congressman but he said quote "I'd love to help ya son but your 
young to vote,"


outro G G G C D D D G 4X

You should find this simple.
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