Bruce Springsteen - Candys Boy chords

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 A great song off "The Promise." Some great chord changes,
the A to Am especially. 

Intro: E A E E A E

  E                        A                       E
In Candy's room their are pictures of her savior on the wall
              E                           A                    E
But to get to Candy's room, you've got to walk the darkness of Candy's hall
C#m                             G#m                     A                 Am
Strangers from the city call my baby's number, and they bring Candy toys
                E                                B                          
But when I come knockin', she smiles pretty, she knows tonight I'm gonna be 
Candy's boy

            E                      A                          E
Well in the olden days when the Mongolian gangs rode herd out on route nine
        E                    A                 E
We'd go ridin' in the rain, runnin' south, way down through the pines
 C#m                        G#m                     A          Am
Weekends in the sun in that cheap motel down by the Dynamo
                E                                                   B
We loved each other till their was nothing left, and drove that old car as 
hard and fast as she would go

             C#m              G#m             A             Am
Well like a cold winter wind blowin'in babe I needed you
    E                        B                     E
But Candy's got a man who takes care of her better than I do

             E                         A                     E
Well there's machine and there's fire, waitin' for us on the edge of town
                 E                                A                    
And there's some rough boys for hire, and they're waitin' to blow me and 
E           C#m                 G#m                 A               
Candy down it's all right cause they can't touch us now they'll never 
  E                B                 E                    A
My sweet love, for I will forever be Candy's boy..hmm hmm hmmhmm hmm hmm 
E              B                 E
my sweet love, I will forever be Candy's boy

Repeat chords for a minute and a half(!) of organ solo and fade.

Note: The C#m's may or may not be C#m7. It sounds fine either way, but
whatever seems more accurate. It makes a clearer difference on the piano.
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