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Bruce Springsteen - Bobby Jean chords

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A  |  C#m  |  D  | B7sus2

Well, I came by your house the other day,
Your mother said you went away
She said there was nothing that I could have done,
There was nothing nobody could say
Me and you we've known each other,
Ever since we were sixteen
I wished I would have known, I wished I could've called you,
        B7sus2             A
Just to say goodbye, Bobby Jean

Now you hung with me when all the others,
Turned away, turned up their nose
We liked the same bands, we liked the same music,
We liked the same clothes
We told each other that we were the wildest,
The wildest things we'd ever seen
Now I wished you would have told me, I wished I could have talked to you,
Just to say goodbye, Bobby Jean

Now we went walking in the rain,
Talking about the pain that from the world we hid
Now there aint nobody, no where no how,
       A                      E
gonna ever understand me the way you did

Maybe you'll be out there on that road somewhere,
In some bus or train traveling along
In some motel room you'll hear a radio playing,
And you'll hear me sing this song

Well, if you do you'll know I'm thinking of you,
And all the miles in between
And I'm just calling one last time,
Not to change your mind,
But just to say I miss you baby,
                E         A
good luck, goodbye Bobby Jean


The beautiful 4th chord is NOT just B7. It's B7sus2 (B-seventh-suspended-second). It 
contains the following notes:

A string = B (root note)
D string = F# (perfect 5th)
G string = A (dominant 7th)
B string = C# (suspended 2nd)
High E string = F# (perfect 5th)

This is a very basic version for guitar. The Piano plays something like this:

Asus2 - A | Asus2 - A | [ch]Asus2/C#[/ch] - A/C#
| [ch]Asus2/C#[/ch] - A/C#
D - Dsus2 | D - Dsus2 | B7sus2 | B7sus2
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