Bruce Springsteen - My Lover Man tab

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My Loverman
by Bruce Springsteen

Intro:   G   C   D

G               C                     D
You treated me hard and made my heart ache
G                        C                     D
I know you're only human, and men they make mistakes
C                            D 
Your life with her turned to black
C                         G   D
And now you want our love back
C                            D             G   C   D
Well come into my arms and fall, my lover man 

Was it a gypsy's curse or a hex sign
Or was it just that simple thing that led you from these 
arms of mine
Oh yes, I've had the days 
To grow used to your foolish ways
And what is it really, after all, my lover man 

I can see the change in your eyes
          C               D
There's no need to apologize

We stood at the wishing well
Our dreams like coins into the water fell
The water so cold and black
There was no going back 

I don't mean to cause you hurt or cause you pain
Life is short and love's a dirty game
Now there's no need for our game to end
Come close and we'll begin 
To find our beautiful selves again, my loverman
My loverman

          G   C   D
My loverman
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