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Brudadoug - Sarah Anne chords

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Artist: Bruda'Doug
Song: Sarah Anne [the sparrow and the wren]
Transcribed By: Norman Heinl
Tuned: 1/2 step down [Eb]
  C        Am

C                    Am
Many years ago, in a house on Eden road
        C            Am
lived a girl you may know...oh

G                             Am
We were young but we had such love
G                Am
too few can understand
A love that was more than love
me and my Sarah Anne

    C                            Am
The only wish she'd keep, was to love and be loved by me
       C                     Am
laying naked by the sea...oh, you should've seen
   C                               Am
We loved so f*c*i*g much, that the angels from above
       C                    Am
became envious of us...and, thus
C                               Am
Micahel-the archangel, with his mighty arm and bow
        C                       Am
shot an arrow through her heart, leaving me alone
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