Brudadoug - Your Friend Daniel chords

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transcribed by: Pam Steele
 D                               D              Bm  A2     
  you've been looking good these past few days
        D                  D              Bm  A2 
but you pull my strings in many ways
   D                  D
i don't think i will try and kiss you
      Bm                  A2
cause you might leave and i would miss you
     G         A2
and i wont foget...

so go, with your friend Daniel
i know, you think he understands you,
hes slow, he'll get nothing past you
           G        A2
but you'll never be alone

      D                           D              Bm  A2 
when i cut my nails and shaved my face
         D                     D              Bm  A2 
and made my hair black as outerspace
 D                               D           
i know you think that i'm a bad guy
       Bm               A2 
and in time i might just prove you right
     G                   A
and seeing me would be a waste of time
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