Brudadoug - Super Me chords

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song: super "me"
band: bruda'doug
transcribed by: andy gutierrez

C       G          F  Am-G  C       G          F     Am-G
I wanna be a super hero;    I wanna be a super "me"
C         G          F       Am-G C         G 
one day I will be my own boss;    but until then no one will
Am G  F   F                C G Am F[C G Am F]
ev er say....they wanna be me      [MEEEEE!]
verse 1****
C       G               F      G
I could never amount to anything, they said
C       G                F      G
but anything would never do for me
C         G                 F       G
Following footsteps isn't a real job
F        G       F        G
What I'd give....what I'd give....
F        G             Am  G     F    F
What I'd give to be my own super "me"
verse 2****
C                        G                F      
On the list of things to do: wash the batmobile;
          G                     C
clean the spandex, organize the belts
             G                    F                  G
How does one obtain, respect in a career, as someone else's maid?
C       C          G     G
I wanna be a super hero (superhero!)
C     C                  G   G
Fight crime and save the world (superhero!)
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