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Brudadoug - Moon Light Magestic chords

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Song: Moon Light Magestic
Artist: Bruda' Doug
Transcribed By: Jason R. Ramey
    C                Am               F                  G
the evening sun, has found someone, a true love, such as this
    C         Am                 F           G
can never be undone, no one, can run from, a kiss
F          G
....what I miss....

    C                         G
the moon light: magestic, the song's remedy
  Am                  F
meandering moments of sincerity
    C                      G
the mountain: in motion, tonight comes alive
       Am                 F                              C Am F G
as the golden brown sand, slips through your hand....tonight....

C                Am              F               G
pondering purple pedals, whisper secrets, to the wind
C                Am             F           G
whether we're together, doesn't matter, one bit
  C                    Am                     F        G
i told you once , i'll tell you twice, you'll never forget
    C                   Am              F        G
you fooled me once, and it was nice, so fool me, again
F         G
....let's begin....
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