Brudadoug - Hind Sight 20 20 chords

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TABBED BY : Sarah Wren

intro: Bm A2 [2X]

  Bm                    Bm
i can't-help-felli'n a- little like Job, but
     A2                         Bm
i've still got my family, it's only affecti'n me [repeat]

verse 1
Bm                     Bm
my friends keep askin'- "what 'id you do?
  Bm                       Bm 
i tell 'em- "step in my shoe"
Bm                  Bm
-"if you only knew!"             {REPEAT VERSE} then:

          A2                    A2
i've got- sixteen staples in my he-ad, and
D                       C#m
unda the bridge,MAN, i lay in a dirt bed
A2                         A2
eight fuckin-stitches in my ha-nds
        D                   C#m
askin' 'what'id I do God, i dont understand


verse 2:
Bm                            Bm
the Lord show'd up in- the rear view mir'r
Bm                     Bm
he said- "man don't you fear
Bm                     Bm A2 Bm
'cause-I'm always here"              [REPEAT]

bass solo?????? I know it yet, maybe tuned differently or a five string bass???
ukulele solo???? I won't even try
its a pretty easy one to play, but hard to play and sing in rythum like he does on 
the cd.... good luck. hugs n kisses baby muah!!!!:;)
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