Brudadoug - Alcoholic Anonymous chords

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song: alcoholic anonymous
artist: bruda'doug
transcribed by: norman heinl

Bm             G              D                   A
i've been here lately in this place i thought i'd left
Bm             G              D               A
holding on for saftey taking all you've got to give
Bm                  G              D              A
cause all of what i knew before is gone before my eyes, and
Bm          G              D          A
there is no pleasing me however hard i try....

G       D           A       A
its not in....these bottles again
G           D     A       A
you're becoming my best friend
G    D              A       A
everything to me....felt so pretend
G       D               A       A
a beginning that yields no end

verse 2
Bm          G              D                  A
you won't sedate me in the place where winter brings
Bm              G          D             A
so please don't hate me in spite of everything
Bm         G               D           A
i sit here waiting for the answer to arrive, and
Bm             G              D      A
you taste like cancer to an awakening life


G          A          Bm       Bm
in a waking dream- of life and light
G      A          Bm       Bm
i told stacey- to mind the ride
G         A            Bm       Bm
and tessa said it's- so good to see you
G          A          Bm       Bm
i know she meant- douglas, i love you
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