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Brudadoug - Breaking Waves chords

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song-breaking waves
album-aloha hello, aloha goodbye
transcribed by Pam Steele


    C                       G
I'm feelin' a bit under the weather, 
          B/G                  Am
would you like to step out with me?
C                   G
Walk n' tak n' sing songs togther,
B/G                       Am
feelin' like we're finl'y free

C               G              Am            F
the sun is shin'in- perfect tim'in, with the breeze
C                 G            Am                    F
blue skies they remind- me how white, the clouds can be

    C                 G
I's feelin' a dab bit down n' out
     B/G                         Am
when fortunes were'nt foldin' my way
    C                     G
but you just can't keep a good dog down
      B/G                   Am    Am
whats more, you've no one to blame
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